DailyRiczWest v0.9

Ralph MemorialIf you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ll recognise the title as ages ago I did a post DailyRiczWest – behind the scenes v0.1. That was quite a while and a bit has changed so I thought I’d do a quick update for people.

This program will take the concept of a personal paper like paper.li and spotify to it’s ultimate conclusion (well, for me at least ;). Instead of some “automated filter” picking things for you, the DRW works off any twitter items that I’ve favourited from any application (e.g. Flipboard, Tweetbot etc…). One advantage of this is that I can just tweet key items and pop everything else in a digest form. Here’s a link to an example of what was produced for yesterday.

DailyRiczWest-7oct13How does it work? Easy – it’s based upon an If This Then That recipe called Favourites to Dropbox for DailyRiczWest which just adds information on anything that you favourite to a file ifttt/favourites.txt in your Dropbox (assuming you have a “Public” folder).

There’s then a perl program and some templates which munge this in to an HTML digest of the previous days favourites. Eventually, I’d like to pull the content to the links summarized in to the digest but that’s a ways off. Being an agile kinda guy though, I’m doing this socially and releasing early and often.

Eventually I’d like to make this an easy to set up and stand alone project, but that’s a long ways off (as this is just a play project for me) but if you can wrap your head around how this works and set it up then let me know. If you have some problems, then feel free to ask…

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